Often misunderstood, search engines are the most affordable and reliable means for driving targeted traffic to your website. We can show you how to take advantage of these useful tools in your marketing campaign.

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Search Engines are often a misunderstood advertising medium. Every day almost all of us receive an email with claims of getting the top spot in Google or Yahoo. The problem is that we can't all be #1 in Google, or can we? The real issue with the top spots in the search engines is under what Key Word(s) are you being placed.

What is a fact, contrary to the popular opinion, is that search engines have not changed much over the years. They have merely taken steps to avoid being "spammed" by websites trying to be placed in categories and under key words under which they really don't belong. These websites have ruined the medium for many.

Shore Connection has studied these practices over the years and will guide our clients through this maze of misunderstanding. If we are designing your website, there is no charge additional for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as this is part of the initial design portion of your website. If we are designing your website, we will optimize your website and providing guidance on techniques that will assure that your website is ranked and listed properly in the search engines where you will get the most targeted traffic possible.

For all new website owners, it is important to realize that search engine ranking is a function of the popularity of your key words (your type of business). The more competitive the key words and business, the harder and longer it will take for you to rank highly in the search engines. We can tell you up front how to analyze these factors and how to undertake the process.